Leaf Blowers Review: What Should Be In The Best Leaf Blower

A leaf blower can help you to complete this work quite easily and quickly. It blows off all the twigs and other dried leaves to one side of the garden or yard. Below are features that should be in the best leaf blower

1)Power: There are three different options for power -electric, cordless and gas. Electric leaf blowers can be used within a limited area till the electric outlet is extended. In case of cordless leaf blowers too, the area of work is limited. Gas powered blowers can be used on a larger area. So, choose a leaf blower depending upon the size of your garden. If it is a small one then you can opt for the electric or cordless ones, while in case of large yards it is advisable to buy a blower that runs on gas.

2)Engine: Check the type of engine of a leaf blower before making your purchase. Two types of engines are used in leaf blowers: 2 stroke and 4 stroke. Blowers that have 4 stroke engines are heavy duty and more powerful than the 2 stroke ones. Owners of large yards should opt for blowers having 4 stroke engines, while small yard owners can easily go for blowers with 2 stroke engines.

3)Noise: Many leaf blowers cause tremendous noise when in use. Check whether the blower you want to buy has baffles and mufflers that help to decrease the noise level. Baffles deflect the noise and mufflers help to reduce it. The rating around 60 to 65 db is typical for a good leaf blower.

4)Functions: Different leaf blowers come with different functions. Many of them have all the functions of blowing, mulching, and vacuuming. So, if you need all these facilities for your garden, choose a blower that has them all. Thus, you’ll be able to save a lot of money as only one machine will do the work of all.

5)Flow: There are two ways to measure the flow of a leaf blower – volume flow and speed flow. Volume flow is the amount of air that the blower blows out. Speed flow is the speed of air from the machine.

6)Nozzles: Before buying a leaf blower check whether its nozzle can be changed or not. You can change a nozzle and fix another to get a more focused blow or to spread the blow in a wider area. If the nozzles can be changed, you can use them for different amount of blowing requirements.

7)Starts: Leaf blowers can have two types of starts – start by electronic ignition and pull start. Many blowers have different facilities to make the start easier. Check whether the blower you like has easy start options or not.

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